google-apps-script Spreadsheet Add Menu


  1. addMenu(name, subMenus)


namethe name of the menu to be created
subMenusan array of JavaScript maps


Usually, you will want to call addMenu from the onOpen function so that the menu is automatically created when the Spreadsheet is loaded.

 // The onOpen function is executed automatically every time a Spreadsheet is loaded
 function onOpen() {
   var activeSheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
   var menuItems = [];
   // When the user clicks on "addMenuExample" then "Menu 1", the function Myfunction1 is executed.
   menuItems.push({name: "Menu 1", functionName: "Myfunction1"});
   menuItems.push(null); // adding line separator
   menuItems.push({name: "Menu 2", functionName: "Myfunction2"});

   activeSheet.addMenu("addMenuExample", menuEntries);