Humanizer.Core Parse to ByteSize

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Humanizer.Core to turn a string representation back into a ByteSize instance, but you can use Parse and TryParse on ByteSize to do that. Like other TryParse methods, ByteSize.TryParse returns a boolean value indicating whether or not the parsing was successful. If the value is parsed it is output to the out parameter supplied:

public static void Example1()
    List<string> list = new List<string>()

    foreach (var value in list)
        ByteSize output;
        ByteSize.TryParse(value, out output);

        Console.WriteLine("{0}: \t {1}", value, output.ToFullWords());

Let's execute the above example and you will see the following output.

7b:      7 bits
16B:     16 bytes
4.5KB:   4.5 kilobytes
1.5MB:   1.5 megabytes
6.3GB:   6.3 gigabytes
4.7TB:   4.7 terabytes

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