ionic-framework Ionic Backend Services ( Introduction and setup


The Ionic Platform offers a range of powerful, hybrid-focused mobile backend services and tools to make it easy to scale beautiful, performant hybrid apps, at a rapid pace.

In order to use Ionic Platform you need to have the Ionic Framework installed.

1.) Registration (sign-up)

You need to enter: name, username, company, phone (optional), email and password. After you receive confirmation email you may log-in.

Welcome to Ionic. Let's create your first app! Create a new app above, then follow the Quick Start guide to upload your first app.

2.) Setup

First, create your firs Ionic app. Now you can add the platform web client:

The web client gives you a way to interact with the Ionic Platform services from within your app code.

$ ionic add ionic-platform-web-client

Now, you need the Platform to assign your app a unique app id and api key. To do that use the ionic io init command.

$ ionic io init

This will automatically prompt you to login to your Platform account. The app id and api key will then be stored in your project's Ionic Platform config.

Your app is now hooked up to the Ionic Platform and will be listed in your Dashboard.

3.) Now, you can move on to installing one of Ionic Platform services: