Julia Language Packages


  • Pkg.add(package)
  • Pkg.checkout(package, branch="master")
  • Pkg.clone(url)
  • Pkg.dir(package)
  • Pkg.pin(package, version)
  • Pkg.rm(package)


Pkg.add(package)Download and install the given registered package.
Pkg.checkout(package,branch)Check out the given branch for the given registered package. branch is optional and defaults to "master".
Pkg.clone(url)Clone the Git repository at the given URL as a package.
Pkg.dir(package)Get the location on disk for the given package.
Pkg.pin(package,version)Force the package to remain at the given version. version is optional and defaults to the current version of the package.
Pkg.rm(package)Remove the given package from the list of required packages.