latex Creating a Bibliography Basic bibliography with biber


To start a bibliography you need to define your sources. Create a database file (like sources.bib) and include some content:

    Author = {John Doe},
    Publisher = {Earth University},
    Title = {Creating a bibliography with biber},
    Year = {1993}}

You can then include your database file in your main document and cite the new source (Doe1993).


% Include the biblatex package and tell it to use biber as a backend.
% Without specifying the backend, it assumes biber.

% Define where biber can find your sources

"Biber isn't that difficult." \cite{Doe1993}
% Use \cite{source-ID} to generate a citation

% Print the bibliography


To compile the document, you will need to run 3 commands in sequence:

  1. pdflatex to create an auxiliary file which tells biber what sources are needed
  2. biber to create an auxiliary file with all the sources which can be used by pdflatex
  3. pdflatex to include the auxiliary file and create the PDF


Find many more options and additional fields for bib files in the package documentation on CTAN.