latex Typesetting mathematics


One of the biggest advantages of LaTeX is its skill in typesetting equations. Here, the fundamentals of typesetting equations, some of the various packages that can be used, as well as common symbols, are described.


  • \begin{equation} ... \end{equation}
  • text $ ... $ text
  • \usepackage{amsmath} ... \begin{equation*} ... \end{equation*}


Here are some basic ideas to make sure your code doesn't break on you and your equations look better:

  1. Make sure all brackets, curly braces, dollar signs, and \begin{} \end{} commands are matching. This is something where one small mistake can mess your whole piece of code up in a big way.
  2. If you get errors, make sure you have the proper package loaded (for example, don't use the \begin{equation*} command without the amsmath package).
  3. Never, ever, ever use double dollar signs ($$an equation here$$) instead of \begin{equation}.
  4. Never use math mode as a way to make your text italic.
  5. Completely stuck? Try TeX.SX, a site for answering questions about TeX, LaTeX, and related languages.

Good luck!