latex Typesetting mathematics Packages available for use


While standard LaTeX is all that is needed for most simple mathematical formulae and equations, sometimes more symbols and tools are needed. There are multiple packages available that will enhance your equations and provide you with more to work with. Three of the main packages are described below. Remember, to load a package, type \usepackage{package} in your document preamble.


The amsmath package is an incredibly useful package. It is used to allow your equations to be centered but not numbered, as in \begin{equation*}, it is used to create matrices (as described below) and it introduces many other useful commands, such as \overset and \underset, described below. The amsmath package documentation can be found here.


The mathtools package builds off of the amsmath package, adding further useful symbols and tools. It automatically loads the amsmath package, so you do not need to load both in your document preamble. The mathtools documentation can be found here.


The amssymb package provides many extra symbols that can be very handy for more complex equations. The amssymb documentation can be found here.

Font packages

There are also various fonts you can use for your equations, as described on this question on the TeX stack exchange, for TeX, LaTeX, and friends.

This paper is a concise explanation of the different features provided by some packages as well as standard LaTeX; it is very helpful.