liferay Using Dynamic and custom SQL query in Liferay Using Dynamic query in Liferay


For most of the scenarios involving entities from service layer,we can make do with the default service calls,with some help from the finders as well.For simple scenarios involving multiple entities,we move towards using Dynamic query API.This is a wrapper API for the Criteria API used in Hibernate.It can be used for cases,where we need to generate dynamic query,which is not very complex in nature,using several constructs from the API. To start with,some of the most commonly used constructs are: DynamicQueryFactoryUtil-Used for constructing query

RestrictionsFactoryUtil-Used for providing restrictions i.e.fields for comparison with a certain value to narrow down the results matching a certain value or within a range,etc

ProjectionFactoryUtil-Used for providing projections to get fields which will be part of search result i.e. instead of providing the whole entity,will provide only certain fields or apply aggregration function(such as min.max,avg) on the same.

PropertyFactoryUtil-Used for comparison of some property from the entity class to mostly do comparsion with other fields from a query

The implementation of these classes are present in dao.orm.jpa package with all the available methods