liferay Deploying a Plugin Deploying to Glassfish


So, you make first a .war file let's say a portlet of name <YOUR PLUGIN>.war. You wanna have it running on a glassfish domain under Liferay portal.

Steps to success:

  1. Navigate to Control Panel -> Plugins Installation on Liferay
  2. Hit Install new portlets
  3. Hit Configuration
  4. Fill in to Deploy Directory a new place for deployment let's say <YOUR DOMAIN>/autodeploy2
  5. Check that in the next line target is <YOUR DOMAIN>/autodeploy (it is the Glassfish default deployment directory)
  6. Hit Save

Now deployment will be done by copy pasting files to that new directory <YOUR DOMAIN>/autodeploy2. The rest of it is handled automatically. Setting takes action immediately.

Done with deployment: Make a victory jig and enjoy :) stop dancing and face a bug. You want a new revision to be deployed.. In this case, continue reading.

So, you have built your war again and want to re-deploy. Do the following:

  1. undeploy old stuff from <YOUR DOMAIN>/autodeploy folder by deleting the war file. Don't delete any other file.
  2. result is that <YOUR PLUGIN>.war_UnDeployed file will appear.
  3. deploy new file by copying the newly built war in <YOUR DOMAIN>/autodeploy2 folder.
  4. result is that <YOUR PLUGIN>.war_deployed will appear in <YOUR DOMAIN>/autodeploy folder.

Make a dance again :)