meteor Mixed-Mode Directory Structure


And, of course, you can mix these approaches, and use both packages and imports along side your application specific code. A mix-mode structure is most common in three situations: a franken-app, which is just sort of pulling a bit from here-and-there without any overall strategy; an app that's being actively refactored from either Classic or Package-Only structures to the Imports/Modules structure.

client/                                  # client application code
client/compatibility/                    # legacy 3rd party javascript libraries
imports                                  #
imports/api                              # isomorphic methods 
imports/lib                              # any common code for client/server
imports/client                           # client application code
imports/server                           # server code
lib/                                     # any common code for client/server.
packages/                                # place for all your atmosphere packages
packages/foo/client                      # client application code
packages/foo/lib                         # any common code for client/server
packages/foo/server                      # server code
packages/foo/tests                       # tests
private/                                 # static files that only the server knows about
public/                                  # static files that are available to the client
server/                                  # server code
tests/                                   # unit test files (won't be loaded on client or server)