meteor Full Installation - Mac OSX Meteor Installation Walkthrough


This quickstart is written for Mac OSX Mavericks, and is a bit more verbose than other installation instructions. It should hopefully cover a few edge cases, such as setting your path, and configuring NPM, which can cause an installation to go awry.

# install meteor
    curl | sh
    # check it's installed correctly
    meteor --version
    # install node
    # as of OSX Mavericks, we need the GUI installer (?!)
    # when a good command line alternative is found, we'll post it
    # install npm
    curl -0 -L | sh
    # check node is installed correctly
    node --version
    # check npm is installed correctly
    npm -version
    # find your npm path
    which npm
    # make sure npm is in your path
    sudo nano ~/.profile
      export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin