meteor Development Tools Database Tools


Once you get past your 'Hello World' app, you'll need to start paying attention to your collection and document schemas, and will need some tools for managing your database.

  • Robomongo - A longtime community favorite for managing Mongo. Highly recommended.
  • JSON Generator - Invaluable utility for generating sample datasets.
  • MacOSX Mongo Preference Page - Preferences GUI for MacOSX.
  • MongoHub - Another Mongo GUI, similar to RoboMongo. MacOSX only.
  • Mongo3 - One of the few cluster management tools around. Able to visualize replication sets. Only downside is it's built in Ruby.
  • Mongo Monitoring Service - Once you're ready to bring something into production, MMS is invaluable. Now known as MongoDB Atlas.
  • Mongo Express - Web-based MongoDB admin interface, written with Node.js and express