meteor Mobile Apps Configure your Cordova project (config.xml)


Meteor reads a mobile-config.js file in the root of your app directory during build, and uses the settings specified there to generate Cordova’s config.xml.

 ├── /.meteor
 └── mobile-config.js

Most configurations can be achieved with mobile-config.js (app metadata, preferences, icons and launchscreens, as well as Cordova plugins installation parameters).{
  id: 'com.example.matt.uber',
  name: 'über',
  description: 'Get über power in one button click',
  author: 'Matt Development Group',
  email: '',
  website: ''

// Set up resources such as icons and launch screens.
  'iphone': 'icons/icon-60.png',
  'iphone_2x': 'icons/icon-60@2x.png',
  // ... more screen sizes and platforms ...

  'iphone': 'splash/Default~iphone.png',
  'iphone_2x': 'splash/Default@2x~iphone.png',
  // ... more screen sizes and platforms ...

// Set PhoneGap/Cordova preferences
App.setPreference('BackgroundColor', '0xff0000ff');
App.setPreference('HideKeyboardFormAccessoryBar', true);
App.setPreference('Orientation', 'default');
App.setPreference('Orientation', 'all', 'ios');

// Pass preferences for a particular PhoneGap/Cordova plugin
App.configurePlugin('com.phonegap.plugins.facebookconnect', {
  APP_ID: '1234567890',
  API_KEY: 'supersecretapikey'

Do not manually edit the /.meteor/local/cordova-build/config.xml file, as it will be regenerated at every meteor run ios/android or meteor build, hence you will lose all your modifications.

Reference page: Meteor Guide > Build > Mobile > Configuring your app