meteor Nightwatch - Configuration & Setup Installation & Usage


To get Nightwatch working, you'll need a local copy of selenium which is a command-and-control server which manages automated browser instances. You'll also need a web browser which selenium can control, such as chromedriver or phantomjs.

Add the following devDependencies to your package.json:

  "devDependencies": {
    "nightwatch": "0.9.8",
    "selenium-server-standalone-jar": "2.45.0",
    "chromedriver": "2.19.0",
    "phantomjs-prebuilt": "2.1.12"

Then install all the depndencies.

cd myapp
meteor npm install

You should then be able to run Nightwatch with the following commands:

nightwatch -c .meteor/nightwatch.json
nightwatch -c .meteor/nightwatch.json --env phantom

If you haven't written any tests, or set up your folder structure yet, you may get some errors.