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You have a few options when it comes to logging in with Meteor. The most common method is using accounts for Meteor.


If you want users to be able to create and register on your site, you can use accounts-password.

Install the package using meteor add accounts-password.

To create a user, you need to use Accounts.createUser(options, [callback])

options has to be an object with the following properties:

  • username: The user's username as a string..
  • email: The user's email as a string.
  • password: The user's (not encrypted) password as a string.
  • profile: The user's optional extra data as an object. This can be for example the user's first and last name. profile is optional, however.

The callback returns 1 variable if there is an error, which is a Meteor.Error object.

You are only required to use either the username or the email, so you can create a user with username but no email, and vice versa. You can also use both.

It returns the newly created user ID if everything went correctly.

So, you can for example use this:

// server side
var id = Accounts.createUser({
    username: "JohnDoe",
    email: "",
    password: "TheRealJohn123",
    profile: {
        firstName: "John",
        lastName: "Doe"
}, function(err) {

It will automatically log you in as well if the user was succesfully created.

That is the creating part. To log in you need to use Meteor.loginWithPassword(identifier, password, [callback]) on the client side.

identifier is the username, email or userId as a string from your user. password is the (not encrypted) password of the user.

The callback returns one variable if there is an error, which is a Meteor.Error object.


// client side
Meteor.loginWithPassword("JohnDoe", "TheRealJohn123", function(err) {

And that is it for the basic creating of accounts and logging in.

Accessing user data

You can check on the client side if the user is logged in by calling Meteor.userId() which will return their userId if they are logged in, and undefined if they are not logged in.

You can get some of the info from Meteor.user(). It will return undefined if the user is not logged in, and some user data if they are. It will not give you any passwords by default, by default it will show the userId of the user, the username and the profile object.

If you want to check if a user is logged in on a page, you can also use the currentUser helper. It will return the contents of Meteor.user(). Example:

{{#if currentUser}}
    <h1>Hello there, {{currentUser.username}}!</h1>
    <h1>Please log in.</h1>

Other accounts functions

There are some other functions that work for every accounts package.

You can log out using Meteor.logout()