meteor Reactive (Vars & Dictionaries) Reactive Query


Example code :

In main.html

<template name="test">
     <input type="checkbox" id="checkbox1" name="name" value="data">Check Me

In Main.js

 var check_status='';
 //Reactive Var Initialization
 Template.main.onCreated(function (){
       check_status=new ReactiveVar({});

       showData : function(){
           return Collection.find(check_status.get());
      "change #checkbox1" : function(){
              check_status.set({field: 'data'});


When we initialize the reactive var check_status we set the value equal to {}. In the helper, at the time of rendering, the same data is passed to the query Collection.find(check_status.get()) which is as good as show all data.

As soon as you click on the checkbox, the event described in the is triggered which sets the value of check_status to {field: data}. Since, this is a reactive var, the showData template is re run and this time the query is Collection.find({field: data}), so only fields, where field matched 'data' is returned.

You will need to add the reactive var package(meteor add reactive-var) before using this commands.