MySQL A List


  • General log - all queries - see VARIABLE general_log
  • Slow log - queries slower than long_query_time - slow_query_log_file
  • Binlog - for replication and backup - log_bin_basename
  • Relay log - also for replication
  • general errors - mysqld.err
  • start/stop - mysql.log (not very interesting) - log_error
  • InnoDB redo log - iblog*

See the variables basedir and datadir for default location for many logs

Some logs are turned on/off by other VARIABLES. Some are either written to a file or to a table.

(Note to reviewers: This needs more details and more explanation.)

Documenters: please include the default location and name for each log type, for both Windows and *nix. (Or at least as much as you can.)