netsuiteInline Editing with SuiteScript


Inline editing allows users to very quickly modify and update the data for a particular record without having to load the entire record on a page, edit the form, then save the record.

NetSuite developers have a corresponding functionality called submitFields. The submitFields functionality is provided by the nlapiSubmitField global function in SuiteScript 1.0 and the N/record#submitFields method in SuiteScript 2.0.


  • nlapiSubmitField(recordType, recordId, fieldId, fieldValue);
  • nlapiSubmitField(recordType, recordId, fieldIds, fieldValues);
  • nlapiSubmitField(recordType, recordId, fieldId, fieldValue, doSourcing);


recordTypeString - The internal ID of the type of record being updated
recordIdString or Number - The internal ID of the record being updated
fieldIdsString or String[] - The internal ID(s) of the field(s) being updated
fieldValuesany or any[] - The corresponding values to be set in the given fields
doSourcingBoolean - Whether dependent values should be sourced in upon record submission. Default is false


The submitFields functionality is a companion feature to the lookupFields functionality.

Performance and Limitations

submitFields performs significantly faster and uses less governance than making the same changes by loading and submitting the full record.

Multiple fields can be updated at once for the same cost as updating a single field. Updating more fields with submitFields does not incur a higher governance cost.

However, you must be aware that only certain fields on each record type are inline-editable, and the performance savings only applies to these inline-editable fields. If you use the submitFields function on any non-inline-editable field, the field will be updated correctly, but behind the scenes, NetSuite will actually load and submit the record, thus taking more time and using more governance. You can determine whether a field is inline-editable by referring to the "nlapiSubmitField" column in the Records Browser.

submitFields functionality is also limited to the body fields of a record. If you need to modify sublist data, you will need to load the record to make your changes, then submit the record.


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