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NetSuite Records are divided into Body fields and Sublists. There are four types of sublists: Static, Editor, Inline Editor, and List.

We are able to add, insert, edit, and remove line items using Sublist APIs.

For a reference on exactly which sublists support SuiteScript, see the NetSuite Help page titled "Scriptable Sublists".


Sublist Indices

Each line item in a sublist has an index that we can use to reference it.

In SuiteScript 1.0, these indices are 1-based, so the first line item has index 1, the second has index 2, and so on.

In SuiteScript 2.0, these indices are 0-based, so the first line item has index 0, the second has index 1, and so on. This of course more closely matches Array indexing in most languages, including JavaScript.

Standard vs Dynamic Mode

The API we use for interacting with a sublist depends on whether we are working with the record in Standard or Dynamic mode.

The Standard-mode APIs simply let us provide the index of the line we want to work with as a parameter to the appropriate function.

The Dynamic-mode APIs follow a pattern:

  1. Select the line we want to work with
  2. Modify the selected line as desired
  3. Commit the changes to the line

In Dynamic Mode, if we do not commit the changes to each line we modify, then those changes will not be reflected when the record is saved.


In order to work with sublist data via SuiteScript, we must have a reference in memory to the record. This means the record either needs to be retrieved from the script context, or we need to load the record from the database.

We cannot work with sublists via either lookup or submitFields functionality.

Static sublists do not support SuiteScript at all.


  • NetSuite Help: "What is a Sublist?"
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  • NetSuite Help: "Scriptable Sublists"
  • NetSuite Help: "Working with Sublist Line Items"
  • NetSuite Help: "Sublist APIs"
  • NetSuite Help: "Working with Records in Dynamic Mode"

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