sprite-kit SKView

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showsFPSDisplay a count of the current frame rate in Frames Per Second in the view.
showsNodeCountDisplay a count of the current number of SKNodes being displayed in the view.
showsPhysicsDisplay a visual representation of the SKPhysicsBodys in the view.
showsFieldsDisplay an image representing the effects of the physics fields in the view.
showsDrawCountDisplay a count of the number of drawing passes required to render the view.
showsQuadCountDisplay a count of the number of rectangles required to render the view.


An SKView is a subclass of UIView that is used to present SpriteKit 2D animations.

An SKView can be added to Interface Builder or programatically in the same way as 'normal' UIViews. SpriteKit content is then presented in the SKView in an SKScene.

See also SKView Class Reference from Apple Documentation.

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