ssis Create a CSV file and write from SQL Server into that file


The guide helps in understanding how to import data from the SQL server table to a CSV/txt file.


  1. Right click on the Data Flow Task and select property. DefaultBufferMaxRows and DefaultBufferSize properties can be changed to improve data load performance.
  2. Multiple Data Flow Task can be executed in parallel for better performance.
  3. Each Task has two flows success and failure. It is important to handle the failure flow to make the package more robust.
  4. Inside the Data Flow Task right click on the blue arrow and select Enable Data Viewer to check data flow at run-time.
  5. If any column is deleted in the source or the destination to check which column get deleted. Inside Data Flow right click on the blue arrow and select Resolve References, in the new window we can see Unmapped Output columns (left) and Unmapped Input Columns (right).