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C# 7.0 is the seventh version of C#. This version contains some new features: language support for Tuples, local functions, out var declarations, digit separators, binary literals, pattern matching, throw expressions, ref return and ref local and extended expression bodied members list.

Official reference: What's new in C# 7

In this topic you'll find a summary of the new features added to the Java programming language in Java SE 7. There are many other new features in other fields such as JDBC and Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that are not going to be covered in this topic.

After MySQL 5.7, when we install MySQL sometimes we don't need to create a root account or give a root password. By default when we start the server, the default password is stored in the mysqld.log file. We need to login in to the system using that password and we need to change it.

It will focus on Installing Pentaho Kettle - GUI Spoon on Local machine both Windows and Ubuntu machine.

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