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By default, C compilers lay out structures so that each member can be accessed fast, without incurring penalties for 'unaligned access, a problem with RISC machines such as the DEC Alpha, and some ARM CPUs.

Depending on the CPU architecture and the compiler, a structure may occupy more space in memory than the sum of the sizes of its component members. The compiler can add padding between members or at the end of the structure, but not at the beginning.

Packing overrides the default padding.

Acumatica ERP lets you define attributes for flexible, meaningful classification of an Entity (Lead, Stock/Non-Stock Items Etc.) as required for your company’s specific needs. An attribute is a property that enables you to specify additional information for objects in the system. Attributes are defined in the context of a class which is a grouping of the business accounts (including leads, opportunities, customers, and cases), Stock and Non-Stock items by one or more of their properties.

This shows the proper usage of images and how to correctly display images.

Bot Framework supports Recognizers. A recognizer is used to recognize what to do whenever a user sends the bot any message. Therefore you can design your bot to recognize intents based on the user input. The recognizer can be used with LUIS API in order to add natural language understanding for the bot.

Export a Fuse.View from fusetools and use it inside an existing android project.

Our goal is to export the entire hikr sample app and use it inside an Activity.

Final work can be found @lucamtudor/hikr-fuse-view

Steps to create an AWS RDS instance and configure your database.yml file by installing the required connectors.

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