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How to configure your EF model to support entity splitting or table splitting.

These where some of the hardest things (and least talked about) to do with the PHP API advanced search (where you specify what fields).

Im in the process of migrating to rest_suite github library that uses RESTLET, and get around the PHP API user concurrency limit of 1.

But before i delete my old code im posting it here. Example specs for these field can be found here: http://www.netsuite.com/help/helpcenter/en_US/srbrowser/Browser2016_1/schema/search/transactionsearchrow.html?mode=package

2D convolution is computed in a similar way one would calculate 1D convolution: you slide your kernel over the input, calculate the element-wise multiplications and sum them up. But instead of your kernel/input being an array, here they are matrices.

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