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Here you will learn about the Directives feature of AngularJS. Below you will find information on what Directives are, as well as Basic and Advanced examples of how to use them.

CSS Variables allow authors to create reusable values which can be used throughout a CSS document.

For example, it's common in CSS to reuse a single color throughout a document. Prior to CSS Variables this would mean reusing the same color value many times throughout a document. With CSS Variables the color value can be assigned to a variable and referenced in multiple places. This makes changing values easier and is more semantic than using traditional CSS values.

A Custom Element in Aurelia is used to extend the basic set of HTML elements by feature-enriched, reusable components. A Custom Element normally exists out of two files, a View-Model based on Javasciprt, and a corresponding view written in HTML. Both files compose the HTML element which can then be used throughout the application like every other HTML element.

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