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Default Method introduced in Java 8, allows developers to add new methods to an interface without breaking the existing implementations of this interface. It provides flexibility to allow the interface to define an implementation which will be used as default when a class which implements that interface fails to provide an implementation of that method.

In ASP.NET MVC, the views are placed by default in the Views folder. Sometimes you want to change this locations and store the views somewhere else.

After MySQL 5.7, when we install MySQL sometimes we don't need to create a root account or give a root password. By default when we start the server, the default password is stored in the mysqld.log file. We need to login in to the system using that password and we need to change it.

This will discuss how to change the environment so when someone types rails s they boot in not development but in the environment they want.

The Erlang doc titled Bit Syntax has a section called Defaults that contains an error and the doc is confusing as a whole. I rewrote it.

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