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configure_file is a CMake function for copying a file to another location and modify its contents. This function is very useful for generating configuration files with paths, custom variables, using a generic template.

This documentation is not specific to liferay but can be used with reference to any web application.

Liferay provides Google Analytics(referred as GA ahead) by default,after configuring Analytics id GA-##### in Site settings.But this provides limited functionality,only allowing to track page views(Page title and URL).In order to expand it further,we can either embed GA script directly onto the site theme to trigger the required events or use GTM.

This document will take you through the steps to configure a Jenkins job that allows user to setup auto push on successful build.The push operation can be controlled by the user. User can choose if they want to perform the auto push operation on successful build or not.

Hot to read and write data to a bluetooth low energy device.

How to configure a ReplicaSet to support TLS/SSL?

We will deploy a 3 Nodes ReplicaSet in your local environment and we will use a self-signed certificate. Do not use a self-signed certificate in PRODUCTION.

How to connect your Client to this ReplicaSet?

We will connect a Mongo Shell.

A description of TLS/SSL, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) certificates, and Certificate Authority is beyond the scope of this documentation.

creating your first .tsconfig configuration file which will tell the TypeScript compiler how to treat your .ts files

The use of CMake in a C++ project if used correctly can allow the programmer to focus less on the platform, program version number and more on the actual program itself. With CMake you can define preprocessor tags that allow for easy checking of which platform or any other preprocessor tags you might need in the actual program. Such as the version number which could be leveraged in a log system.

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