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As with other relational database systems, SQL Server exposes metadata about your databases. This is provided through the ISO Standard INFORMATION_SCHEMA schema, or the SQL Server-specific sys catalog views.
Meta tags in HTML documents provide useful information about the document including a description, keywords, author, dates of modifications and around 90 other fields. This topic covers the usage and purpose of these tags. <meta name="metadata name" content="value"> ...
As with web development, <meta> tags can be included in the <head> tag of an email. <meta> tags tell emails clients how to interpret and display email code. These are <meta> tags that are regularly used in email.
Collection of commands to fetch system related information.
This documentation will help anyone who is looking for all the Conrtraints on a column of a table. The query can be modified to find the table/columns based on the constraint name.
It is sometimes useful to get the maven properties, such as the current version, in code. Here are some ways to to it.
ParametersExplanationGLOBALShows the variables as they are configured for the entire server. Optional.SESSIONShows the variables that are configured for this session only. Optional.

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