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All preprocessor commands begins with the hash (pound) symbol #. A C macro is just a preprocessor command that is defined using the #define preprocessor directive. During the preprocessing stage, the C preprocessor (a part of the C compiler) simply substitutes the body of the macro wherever its name appears.

X-macros are a preprocessor-based technique for minimizing repetitious code and maintaining data / code correspondences. Multiple distinct macro expansions based on a common set of data are supported by representing the whole group of expansions via a single master macro, with that macro's replacement text consisting of a sequence of expansions of an inner macro, one for each datum. The inner macro is traditionally named X(), hence the name of the technique.

Remote management of multiple docker engine hosts.

Macros are a form of compile time metaprogramming. Certain elements of Scala code, such as annotations and methods, can be made to transform other code when they are compiled. Macros are ordinary Scala code that operate on data types that represent other code. The [Macro Paradise][] plugin extends the abilities of macros beyond the base language. [Macro Paradise]: http://docs.scala-lang.org/overviews/macros/paradise.html

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