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Updating Vim key mappings allows you to solve two kinds of problems: Re-assigning key commands to letters that are more memorable or accessible, and creating key commands for functions which have none. Here you will learn about the various ways to [re]map key commands, and the context to which they apply (i.e. vim modes)

A ManyToMany mapping describes a relationship between to entities where both can be related to more than one instance of each other, and is defined by the @ManyToMany annotation.

Unlike @OneToMany where a foreign key column in the table of the entity can be used, ManyToMany requires a join table, which maps the entities to each other.

How to configure your EF model to support entity splitting or table splitting.

This topic discusses how to map one-to-one type relationships using Entity Framework.

The topic discusses how you can map one-to-many and many-to-many relationships using Entity Framework Code First.

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