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Metaclasses allow you to deeply modify the behaviour of Python classes (in terms of how they're defined, instantiated, accessed, and more) by replacing the type metaclass that new classes use by default.

In C++ Metaprogramming refers to the use of macros or templates to generate code at compile-time.

In general, macros are frowned upon in this role and templates are preferred, although they are not as generic.

Template metaprogramming often makes use of compile-time computations, whether via templates or constexpr functions, to achieve its goals of generating code, however compile-time computations are not metaprogramming per se.

Meta tags in HTML documents provide useful information about the document including a description, keywords, author, dates of modifications and around 90 other fields. This topic covers the usage and purpose of these tags.

Metaprogramming can be described in two ways:

“Computer programs that write or manipulate other programs (or themselves) as their data, or that do part of the work at compile time that would otherwise be done at runtime”.

More simply put: Metaprogramming is writing code that writes code during runtime to make your life easier.

As with web development, <meta> tags can be included in the <head> tag of an email. <meta> tags tell emails clients how to interpret and display email code. These are <meta> tags that are regularly used in email.
The Rust Standard Library (std) is compiled against only a handful of architectures. So, to compile to other architectures (that LLVM supports), Rust programs could opt not to use the entire std, and instead use just the portable subset of it, known as The Core Library (core).

Simple usage of a Meta Box in the wp-admin content editors

As we all know Metadata mean data about data.

To fetch metadata of a table like total number of column, column name, column type etc. , ResultSetMetaData interface is useful because it provides methods to get metadata from the ResultSet object.

These are example of using C++ template metaprogramming in processing arithmitic operations in compile time.

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