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This topic illustrates how to avoid adding unwanted files (or file changes) in a Git repo. There are several ways (global or local .gitignore, .git/exclude, git update-index --assume-unchanged, and git update-index --skip-tree), but keep in mind Git is managing content, which means: ignoring actually ignores a folder content (i.e. files). An empty folder would be ignored by default, since it cannot be added anyway.

When it comes to storing, reading, or communicating data, working with the files of an operating system is both necessary and easy with Python. Unlike other languages where file input and output requires complex reading and writing objects, Python simplifies the process only needing commands to open, read/write and close the file. This topic explains how Python can interface with files on the operating system.

Foldable is the class of types t :: * -> * which admit a folding operation. A fold aggregates the elements of a structure in a well-defined order, using a combining function.

A scope is "the range in which a variable can be referenced". ColdFusion knows — as well as most other programming and script languages — several scopes. The following text deals with these types and trys to bring clarity about them, their differences and their characteristics.

The data.table package has undergone a number of changes and innovations over time. Here are some potential pitfalls that can help users looking at legacy code or reviewing old blog posts.

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