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As more secure web services avoid storing passwords in plain text format, languages such as PHP provide various (undecryptable) hash functions to support the more secure industry standard. This topic provides documentation for proper hashing with PHP.

The ByRef and ByVal modifiers are part of a procedure's signature and indicate how an argument is passed to a procedure. In VBA a parameter is passed ByRef unless specified otherwise (i.e. ByRef is implicit if absent).

Note In many other programming languages (including VB.NET), parameters are implicitly passed by value if no modifier is specified: consider specifying ByRef modifiers explicitly to avoid possible confusion.

Passport is a popular authorisation module for node. In simple words it handles all the authorisation requests on your app by users. Passport supports over 300 strategies so that you can easily integrate login with Facebook / Google or any other social network using it. The strategy that we will discuss here is the Local where you authenticate an user using your own database of registered users( using username and password).

MessageBox is a simple concept for decoupling entities.

For example entity A can place a message that entity B can read whenever suitable.

A view controller would like to talk to another view controller, but you don't want to create a strong or weak relationship.

One of the challenges I faced when I first started using SAS was not only passing Macro Variable data into a PROC SQL pass-through, but having it resolve properly if it needed quotes around it. When passing a string like value or date/datetime into a PROC SQL pass-through, it most likely needs to have single quotes around it when it resolves.

I have found the best results when using the %BQUOTE function to accomplish this.

After MySQL 5.7, when we install MySQL sometimes we don't need to create a root account or give a root password. By default when we start the server, the default password is stored in the mysqld.log file. We need to login in to the system using that password and we need to change it.

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