TypeScript Class Decorator Passing arguments to a class decorator


We can wrap a class decorator with another function to allow customization:

function addMetadata(metadata: any) {
    return function log(target: any) {
        // Add metadata
        target.__customMetadata = metadata;
        // Return target
        return target;

The addMetadata takes some arguments used as configuration and then returns an unnamed function which is the actual decorator. In the decorator we can access the arguments because there is a closure in place.

We can then invoke the decorator passing some configuration values:

@addMetadata({ guid: "417c6ec7-ec05-4954-a3c6-73a0d7f9f5bf" })
class Person {
    private _name: string;
    public constructor(name: string) {
        this._name = name;
    public greet() {
        return this._name;

We can use the following function to access the generated metadata:

function getMetadataFromClass(target: any) {
    return target.__customMetadata;


If everything went right the console should display:

{ guid: "417c6ec7-ec05-4954-a3c6-73a0d7f9f5bf" }