unity3d Communication with server Post (Upload A File)


Upload a file to server is also a post. You can easily upload a file through WWW, like the below:

Upload A Zip File To Server

string mainUrl = "http://server/upload/";
string saveLocation;

void Start() 
    saveLocation = "ftp:///home/xxx/x.zip"; // The file path.

// Prepare The File.
IEnumerator PrepareFile() 
    Debug.Log("saveLoacation = " + saveLocation);
    // Read the zip file.
    WWW loadTheZip = new WWW(saveLocation);

    yield return loadTheZip;


void PrepareStepTwo(WWW post) 

// Upload.
IEnumerator UploadTheZip(WWW post) 
    // Create a form.
    WWWForm form = new WWWForm();
    // Add the file.
    // Send POST request.
    string url = mainUrl;
    WWW POSTZIP = new WWW(url,form);
    Debug.Log("Sending zip...");
    yield return POSTZIP;
    Debug.Log("Zip sent!");

In this example, it use the coroutine to prepare and upload the file, if you want to know more about Unity coroutines, please visit Coroutines.