unity3d Object Pooling Another simple object pool


Another example: a Weapon that shoots out Bullets.

The Weapon acts as an object pool for the Bullets it creates.

public class Weapon : MonoBehaviour {
    // The Bullet prefab that the Weapon will create
    public Bullet bulletPrefab;

    // This List is our object pool, which starts out empty
    private List<Bullet> availableBullets = new List<Bullet>();

    // The Transform that will act as the Bullet starting position
    public Transform bulletInstantiationPoint;

    // To spawn a new Bullet, this method either grabs an available Bullet from the pool,
    // otherwise Instantiates a new Bullet
    public Bullet CreateBullet () {
        Bullet newBullet = null;

        // If a Bullet is available in the pool, take the first one and make it active
        if (availableBullets.Count > 0) {
            newBullet = availableBullets[availableBullets.Count - 1];

            // Remove the Bullet from the pool
            availableBullets.RemoveAt(availableBullets.Count - 1);

            // Set the Bullet's position and make its GameObject active
            newBullet.transform.position = bulletInstantiationPoint.position;
        // If no Bullets are available in the pool, Instantiate a new Bullet
        else {
            newBullet newObject = Instantiate(bulletPrefab, bulletInstantiationPoint.position, Quaternion.identity);

            // Set the Bullet's Weapon so we know which pool to return to later on
            newBullet.weapon = this;
        return newBullet;


public class Bullet : MonoBehaviour {
    public Weapon weapon;

    // When Bullet collides with something, rather than Destroying it, we return it to the pool
    public void ReturnToPool () {
        // Add Bullet to the pool

        // Disable the Bullet's GameObject so it's hidden from view