VBA Declaring and assigning strings Assignment to and from a byte array


Strings can be assigned directly to byte arrays and visa-versa. Remember that Strings are stored in a Multi-Byte Character Set (see Remarks below) so only every other index of the resulting array will be the portion of the character that falls within the ASCII range.

Dim bytes() As Byte
Dim example As String

example = "Testing."
bytes = example             'Direct assignment.

'Loop through the characters. Step 2 is used due to wide encoding.
Dim i As Long
For i = LBound(bytes) To UBound(bytes) Step 2
    Debug.Print Chr$(bytes(i))  'Prints T, e, s, t, i, n, g, .

Dim reverted As String
reverted = bytes            'Direct assignment.
Debug.Print reverted        'Prints "Testing."