weka Loading Instances Loading from Database

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Many databases can be used in Weka. Firstly, the DatabaseUtils.props file must be edited to match your database; specifically you must provide your database's name, location, port and correct driver.


Then the database can be loaded by using some simple code.

import weka.core.Instances;
import weka.experiment.InstanceQuery;
InstanceQuery query = new InstanceQuery();
query.setQuery("select * from mytable");
Instances data = query.retrieveInstances();

Some notes about loading from a database:

  • Make sure the correct JDBC driver is in your classpath.
  • If you are using Microsoft Access then the JDBC-ODBC-driver which comes with the JDK can be used.
  • The InstanceQuery method converts VARCHAR to nominal attributes and TEXT to string attributes. A filter, such as NominalToString or StringToNormal, can convert the attributes back to their correct type.

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