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Believe it or not, the Label is one of the most crucial yet underappreciated View classes not only in Xamarin.Forms, but in UI development in general. It is seen as a rather boring line of text, but without that line of text it would be very difficult to convey certain ideas to the user. Label controls can be used to describe what the user should enter into an Editor or Entry control. They can describe a section of the UI and give it context. They can be used to show the total in a calculator app. Yes, the Label is truly the most versatile control in your tool bag that may not always spark a lot of attention, but it is the first one noticed if it isn’t there.


<Label Text="This is some really awesome text in a Label!"


var label = new Label {
Text = "This is some really awesome text in a Label!",
TextColor = Color.Red,
XAlign = TextAlignment.Center,
YAlign = TextAlignment.Center

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