aframe Controls (component)

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Controllers are vital for immersing people into a VR application. The potential of VR is not met without them, namely controllers that provide six degrees of freedom (6DoF). With controllers, people can reach out and around the scene and interact with objects with their hands.

A-Frame provides components for controllers across the spectrum as supported by their respective WebVR browsers through the Gamepad Web API. There are components for Vive, Oculus Touch, Daydream, and GearVR controllers.


It's possible that you must enable gamepadextentions. You could do that using this steps:

  • On Chrome: browse to chrome://flags
  • On Firefox: browse to about:config
  • On IE: Go to Group Policy Editor on your desktop
  • On Opera: browse to opera:config
  • On Edge: browse to about:flags

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