aframe Camera


The camera component defines from which perspective the user views the scene. The camera is commonly paired with controls components that allow input devices to move and rotate the camera.


  • <a-entity camera></a-entity>
  • <a-camera></a-camera>


activeWhether the camera is the active camera in a scene with more than one camera.
farCamera frustum far clipping plane.
fovField of view (in degrees).
nearCamera frustum near clipping plane.
userHeightHow much height to add to the camera when not in VR mode. The default camera has this set to 1.6 (meters, to represent average eye level.).
zoomZoom factor of the camera.


When not in VR mode, userHeight translates the camera up to approximate average height of human eye level. The injected camera has this set to 1.6 (meters). When entering VR, this height offset is removed such that we used absolute position returned from the VR headset. The offset is convenient for experiences that work both in and out of VR, as well as making experiences look decent from a desktop screen as opposed to clipping the ground if the headset was resting on the ground.

When exiting VR, the camera will restore its rotation to its rotation before it entered VR. This is so when we exit VR, the rotation of the camera is back to normal for a desktop screen.