cobol SORT statement Sorting standard in to standard out


GCobol* GnuCOBOL SORT verb example using standard in and standard out
       identification division.
       program-id. sorting.

       environment division.
       input-output section.
           select sort-in
               assign keyboard
               organization line sequential.
           select sort-out
               assign display
               organization line sequential.
           select sort-work
               assign "sortwork".

       data division.
       file section.
       fd sort-in.
          01 in-rec        pic x(255).
       fd sort-out.
          01 out-rec       pic x(255).
       sd sort-work.
          01 work-rec      pic x(255).

       procedure division.
       sort sort-work
           ascending key work-rec
           using  sort-in
           giving sort-out.

       exit program.
       end program sorting.