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Mattew Whitt

I am a self taught full stack developer. I am obsessed with writing abstracted, clean and readable code. I love improving test coverage, delivering code quickly with continuous deployment strategies, and building scalable solutions to difficult problems.

As a full stack engineer, I.. - Solve difficult problems at scale in robust microservices architecture - Drive architectural decisions through implementation of microservice oriented solutions - Integrate 3rd party APIs through robust defensive programming techniques - Automate development, tests, code coverage reporting, monitoring, and continuous deployment - Push for test driven development, always test, never waver - Use smart and sane object oriented programming techniques, but only when needed - Be a champion of code quality, engage in frequent peer reviews, never compromise - Follow common web standards, such as developing RESTful APIS, OAuth, and JWT - Engage in “user metrics” and “error monitoring” driven product management and development

My core values: - There is no magic; pursue a deeper understanding. - Never be satisfied just knowing that it works; know why it works. - Write code that is as simple as possible for others to understand. - Never let the language get in the way of writing good code. - Build quality software. - Write automated tests to ensure code not only works, but continues to work. - Pursue the building of system architecture correctly from the beginning. - Understand that coding is an iterative, evolutionary experience. - Experiment with new technologies, use the best tools for the job. - Provide realistic project estimates. - Always be pleasant to work with. - Never leave sloppy bugs for others to deal with. - Never leave broken code, even if written by someone else. - Continually and actively improve the development processes of the projects I work on.