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Atlanta, Georgia, USA


My interest in computers began WAAAAAAAY back in high school math class where I programmed a stock simulation game using a DEC pdp8 It had just 8 KILO-bytes of memory (8000 bytes--not megabytes!). Yes, I'm kinda old--but I feel young!

I became a certified public accountant out of college. But my computer interest overtook my profession when I computerized the entire bookkeeping department of the CPA form I worked for.

Since then, I have balanced my business background with my computer interests by programming business management systems (you know, the big "boring" stuff like inventory, receivables, payables, payroll, management reports).

Currently: I'm "learning up" on Photoshop+Illustrator. I'm also sharpening skills on both the front and back ends of websites.

My current fascination is using Html's canvas and SVG to enhance user experiences. I'm finding that boring information + interesting graphics = faster/better knowledge for the user.

My language of choice is anything C-ish but I'm most experienced in C#.

My credo in life is simple: "Learn something new every day".