HTML Text Formatting


While most HTML tags are used to create elements, HTML also provides in-text formatting tags to apply specific text-related styles to portions of text. This topic includes examples of HTML text formatting such as highlighting, bolding, underlining, subscript, and stricken text.


  • <abbr>Abbreviation</abbr>
  • <b>Bold Text</b>
  • <del>Deleted Text</del>
  • <em>Emphasized Text</em>
  • <i>Italic Text</i>
  • <ins>Inserted Text</ins>
  • <mark>Marked (or Highlighted) Text</mark>
  • <s>Stricken Text</s>
  • <strong>Strong Text</strong>
  • <sub>Subscript Text</sub>
  • <sup>Superscript Text</sup>
  • <u>Underlined Text</u>