Julia Language JSON Serializing JSON


The JSON.json function serializes a Julia object into a Julia String containing JSON:

julia> using JSON

julia> JSON.json(Dict(:a => :b, :c => [1, 2, 3.0], :d => nothing))

julia> println(ans)

If a string is not desired, JSON can be printed directly to an IO stream:

julia> JSON.print(STDOUT, [1, 2, true, false, "x"])

Note that STDOUT is the default, and can be omitted in the above call.

Prettier printing can be achieved by passing the optional indent parameter:

julia> JSON.print(STDOUT, Dict(:a => :b, :c => :d), 4)
    "c": "d",
    "a": "b"

There is a sane default serialization for complex Julia types:

julia> immutable Point3D

julia> JSON.print(Point3D(1.0, 2.0, 3.0), 4)
    "y": 2.0,
    "z": 3.0,
    "x": 1.0