Julia Language Comprehensions Generator Comprehensions


Generator comprehensions follow a similar format to array comprehensions, but use parentheses () instead of square brackets [].

(expression for element = iterable)

Such an expression returns a Generator object.

julia> (x^2 for x = 1:5)

Function Arguments

Generator comprehensions may be provided as the only argument to a function, without the need for an extra set of parentheses.

julia> join(x^2 for x = 1:5)

However, if more than one argument is provided, the generator comprehension requries its own set of parentheses.

julia> join(x^2 for x = 1:5, ", ")
ERROR: syntax: invalid iteration specification

julia> join((x^2 for x = 1:5), ", ")
"1, 4, 9, 16, 25"