Laravel Collections Using reduce()


The reduce method reduces the collection to a single value, passing the result of each iteration into the subsequent iteration. Please see reduce method.

The reduce method loops through each item with a collection and produces new result to the next iteration. Each result from the last iteration is passed through the first parameter (in the following examples, as $carry).

This method can do a lot of processing on large data sets. For example the following examples, we will use the following example student data:

 $student = [
    ['class' => 'Math', 'score' => 60],
    ['class' => 'English', 'score' => 61],
    ['class' => 'Chemistry', 'score' => 50],
    ['class' => 'Physics', 'score' => 49],

Sum student's total score

$sum = collect($student)
    ->reduce(function($carry, $item){
        return $carry + $item["score"];
    }, 0);

Result: 220


  • $carry is the result from the last iteration.
  • The second parameter is the default value for the $carry in the first round of iteration. This case, the default value is 0

Pass a student if all their scores are >= 50

$isPass = collect($student)
    ->reduce(function($carry, $item){
        return $carry && $item["score"] >= 50;
    }, true);

Result: false


  • Default value of $carry is true
  • If all score is greater than 50, the result will return true; if any less than 50, return false.

Fail a student if any score is < 50

$isFail = collect($student)
    ->reduce(function($carry, $item){
        return $carry || $item["score"] < 50;
    }, false);

Result: true


  • the default value of $carry is false
  • if any score is less than 50, return true; if all scores are greater than 50, return false.

Return subject with the highest score

$highestSubject = collect($student)
    ->reduce(function($carry, $item){
        return $carry === null || $item["score"] > $carry["score"] ? $item : $carry;

result: [ "subject" => "English", "score" => 61 ]


  • The second parameter is not provided in this case.

  • The default value of $carry is null, thus we check for that in our conditional.