Laravel Valet


Valet is a development environment tailor made for macOS. It abstracts away the need for virtual machines, Homestead, or Vagrant. No need to constantly update your /etc/hosts file anymore. You can even share your sites publicly using local tunnels.

Laravel Valet makes all sites available on a *.dev domain by binding folder names to domain names.


  • valet command [options] [arguments]


ParameterValues Set
commanddomain, fetch-share-url, forget, help, install, link, links, list, logs, on-latest-version, open, park, paths, restart, secure, start, stop, uninstall, unlink, unsecure, which
options-h, --help, -q, --quiet, -V, --version, --ansi, --no-ansi, -n, --no-interaction, -v, -vv, -vvv,--verbose


Because Valet for Linux and Windows are unofficial, there will not be support outside of their respective Github repositories.