Laravel Valet Installation


IMPORTANT!! Valet is a tool designed for macOS only.


  • Valet utilizes your local machine's HTTP port (port 80), therefore, you will not be able to use if Apache or Nginx are installed and running on the same machine.
  • macOS' unofficial package manager Homebrew is required to properly use Valet.
  • Make sure Homebrew is updated to the latest version by running brew update in the terminal.


  • Install PHP 7.1 using Homebrew via brew install homebrew/php/php71.
  • Install Valet with Composer via composer global require laravel/valet.
  • Append ~/.composer/vendor/bin directory to your system's "PATH" if it is not already there.
  • Run the valet install command.

Post Install During the installation process, Valet installed DnsMasq. It also registered Valet's daemon to automatically launch when your system starts, so you don't need to run valet start or valet install every time you reboot your machine.